E36 Headlight Switch Wiring Diagram

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Advanced E36 Headlight Switch Wiring Diagram BMW E36M3 | Mechanical Daydream

Advanced E36 Headlight Switch Wiring Diagram BMW E36M3 | Mechanical Daydream

E36 headlight switch wiring diagram - My cash was at the dimmer switch due to the fact that even earlier than the lighting failed i had to jimmy the dimmer to get the lights to come back up to complete brightness, it acted mild a rheostat with a useless spot. This has been my contemporary project in view that remaining august.? lots of electrical reconditioning, quickly i can get to the driveline.? garden range cosmos black ninety five m3.? first year of the finest m3s made!. In my case the previous owner reputedly didn’t get this and simply were given 3 reasonably-priced relays from pelican (bmw part # sixty one.36-1 391 397, these are gray) and stuck them in when he restored the ac machine after disposing of it for autox responsibility. He became two-thirds fortunate.

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For destiny hassle taking pictures and rationalization, here is a diagram that info what relays cross wherein, and what the pin functions are (this appears to keep for each yr of m3, and might keep for all e36, ymmv, caveat emptor, don’t sue me etc. Etc.): The right relays are. The burnt out connector is for the excessive pace fan relay. Via using the wrong relay, the interlock that forestalls the high pace and low velocity winding from being became on on the identical time was defeated and the 30amp fuse forty one become fed without delay via the small gauge wiring feeding the relay control. So it burned up. I pulled the dimmer switch and headlight switch and checked continuity in the wires, all became great. The headlight transfer had a few small pieces rattling around inside, which changed into now not a great sign. The transfer continuities checked out, but i ordered a new switched besides. I disassembled the vintage transfer and discovered that 18 years of temperature cycles had turned the plastic detent ring in the switch into a thousand portions of brittle plastic. I still had hopes that the dimmer switch changed into too blame and i had no way of without delay checking out it. Whilst the brand new switches arrived, i modified them out. Not anything, the trouble become nevertheless there.

When you examine the schematic for the tool lighting (6300.00) you spot they may be fed from the headlight transfer into junction x196 to the dimmer transfer into junction x1019 and out to all of the lights (grey/pink wires). At first i though i had an open circuit considering i had no blown fuzes. When you consider that every light went out on the identical time that narrowed it down to three possibilities:.

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