Telephone Handset Wiring Diagram

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Clever Telephone Handset Wiring Diagram File:RJ9 Handset Diagram.Svg - Wikimedia Commons

Clever Telephone Handset Wiring Diagram File:RJ9 Handset Diagram.Svg - Wikimedia Commons

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Trouble 1, undated.?  applies to 500ab.? (m = modular, w = with out bell machine markings)  units sold outside the bell machine have been not blanketed in bsps, however had been supplied with one page wiring diagrams inserted in the field with the phone.? see bsps for the 500ab and 500abm for other details.

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Single line for 2-cord or 4-twine circuits.? comes wired for 2-cord service but can be converted at set up to four-twine provider.? arranged for but not geared up with a ks-8109l2 buzzer.? supposed for use in 1a1 and 1a2 key cellphone systems and 3b speakerphone systems, but it's far meant for specially engineered lines.? not for widespread smartphone use.?(the touchtone version is 2504.).

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