350 Engine Spark Plug Wire Diagram

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Complex 350 Engine Spark Plug Wire Diagram Buick HEI Conversions

Complex 350 Engine Spark Plug Wire Diagram Buick HEI Conversions

Buick HEI Conversions - My handiest disclaimer is which you must study all of this earlier than starting, and take it slow. The facts right here applies to numerous buick v8 and v6 engines, so ensure you apprehend the details as they practice for your engine. Your mileage can also vary and your car may be distinct than mine become. The usual "try this at your very own risk" disclaimers practice. That is a pretty lengthy and special page, so provide it a terrific study earlier than you begin this technique. Use not unusual feel and if you mess things up, it's not my fault. I've finished this swap twice now, however some of this was written from memory, so permit me understand if you have any questions before you begin unbolting and modifying things. Various readers have written in with questions most effective to find out that have really discovered errors or doubtful text in my descriptions and i've up to date the page as a result. I comprehend this page is pretty long, however i wanted to ensure that all of the feasible information changed into to be had to folks so they may understand this switch before they did it. The four hundred/430 engines are very just like the 455 engine, and i consider that the swap defined right here will follow unchanged on the ones engines. If you have executed this swap on a four hundred or 430 engine and might affirm exactly how this works on a 400/430, please permit me understand about any details that vary from the 455 conversion so i can encompass them here. Likewise, the three hundred and 340 engines also are very similar and this change ought to paintings there as nicely. I've had one reader verify that the swap does paintings on the three hundred engines, and the differences they furnished are noted inside the textual content now. The primary difference is that the 300/340 engines proportion the same size distributor equipment because the 350 engine, so the manner about swapping your original distributor gear onto the donor hei distributor is not wanted. It's miles important to mention up front that many of the buick v8 and v6 engines are same in many respects, mainly inside the vicinity of the distributor. Any area that i confer with the 455 in a accepted feel must be interpreted as applying to the opposite engines as nicely, except specifically cited as otherwise. I did my work on a 455, but with a touch more double checking and head-scratching you must be capable of do the equal element to any other engine that stocks the identical distributor mounting dimensions. Moreover, the principles here will observe to any make and model of engine. Inside the interest of full disclosure, my hei distributor swaps were carried out on a 455 car the usage of junkyard donor distributor from a 350.

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