220 Motor Wiring Diagram

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Creative 220 Motor Wiring Diagram Electrical Wiring Diagrams 110 To 220 - Wiring Data

Creative 220 Motor Wiring Diagram Electrical Wiring Diagrams 110 To 220 - Wiring Data

220 motor wiring diagram - I am guessing i might twine the black cord from the motor that is connected to 2 black wires to the pinnacle (or backside) two connections within the drum transfer and the ultimate black wire from the motor to the closing backside (or top) screw in the drum switch. Then do i want a jumper from quantity three to four (the 2 middle connections inside the drum switch) ?. I did a continuity check on the black wires at the power aspect and the pinnacle two wires are those with the black select tape on the energy supply stop so i am assuming i join those to one among my black warm wires and the bottom black twine which has no pick tape on it to my 2d warm black twine on the electricity source (breaker). With extra than 10.6 million unique visitors during the last yr, realistic machinist is the maximum visited site for metalworking professionals. Practical machinist is the easiest manner to examine new techniques, get solutions quickly and speak not unusual challenges together with your friends. Register for the sector’s biggest production technology discussion board at no cost today to live in the know. Please assist... I experience i'm making this extra hard than it need to be... Shouldn't be so complex... I just cannot come up with the money for to burn up a motor or draw to a lot cutting-edge and harm a capacitor !. Bot***** *****ne is i've the ground connected to the ground inside the motor housing and black warm wires - one black twine is connected to some other black twine and my other black hot cord is attached to 2 black wires. This was already linked once i got it and supposedly turned into running for several years this manner. So my question is how do i connect these two black wires to my drum transfer? That is the component they disconnected earlier than bringing me the horse walker... The motor aspect of the drum switch has no wires connected to it and is where my confusion is available in. I have never wired a drum switch earlier than. The strength aspect of the drum switch still has the wires connected - 3 black wires and white ground. Two of the black wires have black electrical tape on them to suggest some thing... That these are the 2 related together at the alternative give up - energy supply ? Then the single black twine related to the closing black cord and of direction the floor to the floor. My diagrams and my little electric experience does not make feel of wiring the drum switch.

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