Verizon Fios Wiring Diagram

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Detail Verizon Fios Wiring Diagram Verizon FiosFAQ- Frequently Asked Questions On Verizon Fios

Detail Verizon Fios Wiring Diagram Verizon FiosFAQ- Frequently Asked Questions On Verizon Fios

Detail verizon fios wiring diagram - The second photo is of out of doors container 2.? the 2 white cables at the right are for smartphone—one goes to outside container 1 and the second is going internal to my cellphone distributor field.?  the wire at the lowest left comes from the cellphone pole.

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I am a modern-day fios cust0omer. ?i'm shifting from my house to an apartment. ?the condominium makes use of fios. ?but, the only wall connections are coax; there's a coax in each room and the living room. ?my residence makes use of ethernet for all rooms, so having best coax in each room, and not using a ethernet wiring, is new to me.

Verizon set me up for fios net and contact. ?i delivered fios tv and was despatched a self-installation cable card. ?i trust the outdoor wiring desires to trade but i can't locate any wiring diagrams to move all the manner to the outdoor boxes. ?i’m hoping i can twine this myself so i don’t ought to waste time assembly up with a verizon carrier technician.?.

Under are photographs, one of each of out of doors verizon boxes. ?the first photograph of outside box 1 suggests three cables going out the lowest of the field. ? the coax from the "cable out" terminal at the bottom proper goes internal to my router. ?the cat5e cable originating on the higher right is going to outside box 2.? the cat5e-like cable originating at the lower left goes to the battery/energy unit inside. ?there's additionally a cable now not proven going to out of doors field 1 from the phone pole.? notice that the video mild in the photo of out of doors box 1 is not lit.?.

It seems that i need a 2d coaxial cable going to my television or set-top container.? however i see no unused coaxial connections at the out of doors boxes.? additionally, it's miles difficult that the coaxial cable going from out of doors field 1 to my router originates from the “cable out” connector instead of coming from the ethernet connection just to the proper (not a coax connection).

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