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Expert Ecobee Wiring Diagram Ecobee3 Lite - No C-Wire With PEK – Ecobee Support

Expert Ecobee Wiring Diagram Ecobee3 Lite - No C-Wire With PEK – Ecobee Support

Ecobee3 lite - No C-wire with PEK – ecobee Support - Three years ago i purchased a provider 58mvc (three stage warmth variable speed fan) and easy single degree ac condenser. It's a pleasing unit and has really made a advantageous impact to the comfort of my home. It's been hooked up to a "dumb" programmable thermostat. You responded my query about accent wiring and how to properly interface the ecobee. It'd be easy enough to do a 1 for 1 cord hookup to update my old t-stat, however i'm looking at permit some of my furnace's functionality. Right here are applicable pix, i also have new 7 conductor thermostat cmr rated thermostat wire in order that i can fish new twine because my antique one is spliced to shit. Proposed ecobee wiring there may be an mistakes here, y2 have to be w2. I would use the 7 conductor to wire up the furnace, and then a separate 2 conductor to twine up the humidifier. I would also want to determine out which dip transfer(es) i might need to active a second degree of warmth at the furnace. So am i near, or should i just name my hvac guy?.

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I fully remember that i might be giving up some capability via going with the ecobee vs a provider infinity thermostat. That said i suppose it's more than i'm getting currently. If you’re already the use of a strength extender package (pek) with the ecobee3, you’ll need to perform a little re-wiring at the ecobee4. The r wire will cross into the rc terminal, the g twine into the c terminal, and the y cord into the pek terminal on the ecobee4. Ultimate wires will pass into the respective terminals. I've an ecobee3 thermostat that i would love to connect with the system as well as deliver control of whole house humidifier (wellknown aire 1137) to the thermostat or furnace. The humidifier is currently controlled by means of a humidistat that is cut into the principle go back air duct right before it enters the fanbox.

The ecobee would be connected similar to your contemporary thermostat. R to r, g to g, w1 to w1, y1 to y1 however you want c wire. You might not want to undergo the hassle of fishing extra wiring to the equipment. The ecobee comes with the pek, in order to assist together with your four to five wire set up. The pek gets stressed on the vicinity of the device. Here's a hyperlink for a pek set up:.

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