5.1 Speaker Wiring Diagram

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Latest 5.1 Speaker Wiring Diagram Useful Diagrams / Tutorials / Videos : Zeos

Latest 5.1 Speaker Wiring Diagram Useful Diagrams / Tutorials / Videos : Zeos

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Within the 2.1 setup video you talk about how you may placed your subwoofer into the b channel of your receiver... Doesn't that wreck the factor of the lpf if the entire frequency range is going to the mains?. Depends on the receiver and sub. Many cheaper subs don't even placed a lpf within the bridge and also you get full range to the speakers via the skip-thru's. If you are going with a right five.1 receiver that can manipulate the crossover to the speakers and sub you'll hook that up thru rca and not have that issue.

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Honestly in case you apprehend how to tune a sub with the overall variety passthroughs and set the subs xover successfully all you'll lose is a piece of quantity capability from the speakers. Frequency doubling may be decreased substantially albeit manually.

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