4 Pin Reversing Camera Wiring Diagram

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New 4 Pin Reversing Camera Wiring Diagram 4UCam Backup Camera Test Cases

New 4 Pin Reversing Camera Wiring Diagram 4UCam Backup Camera Test Cases

4UCam Backup Camera Test Cases - Thanks in your reply. I'm now not domestic for the time being so i'm able to't test the wiring untill the weekend. I simply wanted to make sure i know what you mean via "twin digicam switchbox". The authentic installers placed a field beneath my motive force's seat (see attached photograph). Is this the switchbox you suggest?.

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I don't want any other display screen on my dash, so i would like to twine the polaris digicam into a connector to plug into the camera socket on the rear of my automobile, and use the vms display screen as i do now. Are you able to please supply the wiring configuration for that plug/socket?.

Thank you for the pinout diagram, however i nevertheless can't get my polaris digital camera to paintings with the vms x523, as a second digital camera. Following your diagram i linked the subsequent pins together (vms 5 pin quantity first, then polaris 4 pin connector pin variety); pin 1 - no connection pin 2 to pin 1 pin three to pin 4 pin 4 to pin 2 pin 5 to pin 3 no success from the 2d video supply... I'm now not certain what "override loop" way for your diagram so i attempted becoming a member of pins three and 5 together, however nonetheless no end result.

In case you are the use of the silver dual digicam module, observe the attached commands in case you did now not receive as it is vital that the trailer digital camera is going to the left input on the transfer field with the nylon power connector strip dealing with you.

I've an x523 with a twin camera alternative. My 2nd digital camera is stressed out to my camper trailer via the plug/socket setup next to my 12 pin plug. This works well. I'm in the technique of purchasing a caravan, which comes with a polaris reversing camera and screen.

To check in case you are without a doubt getting video from every camera, the video out rca sockets on the alternative side of the transfer field are direct outputs from the digicam inputs. When you have every other display screen to plug into those outputs to peer if video is being produced this will be an advantage.

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