Computer Power Supply Wiring Diagram

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Newest Computer Power Supply Wiring Diagram 200W ATX PC POWER SUPPLY

Newest Computer Power Supply Wiring Diagram 200W ATX PC POWER SUPPLY

Newest computer power supply wiring diagram - Line voltage is going through enter clear out circuit (c1, r1, t1, c4, t5) to the bridge rectifier. While voltage is switched from 230v to 115v, then rectifier works like a doubler. Varistors z1 and z2 have overvoltage guard feature on the road enter. Thermistor ntcr1 limits input modern-day until capacitors c5 and c6 are charged. R2 and r3 are handiest for discharge capacitors after disconnecting energy deliver. Whilst electricity deliver is hooked up to the line voltage, then at first are charged capacitors c5 and c6 together for approximately 300v. Then take a run secondary strength supply controlled by way of transistor q12 and on his output might be voltage. At the back of the voltage regulator ic3 may be voltage 5v, which is going in to the motherboard and it's far vital for flip-on good judgment and for "wake on some thing" features. Next unstabilized voltage is going thru diode d30 to the principle manipulate chip ic1 and manipulate transistors q3 and q4. Whilst important power deliver is running, then this voltage is going from 12v output thru diode d.

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In stand-via mode is most important power supply blocked by using positive voltage on the playstation-on pin thru resistor r23 from secondary energy deliver. Because of this voltage is opened transistor q10, which opens q1, which applies reference voltage 5v from pin 14 io1 to pin four io1. Switched circuit is definitely blocked. Tranzistors q3 and this autumn are each opened and short-circuit winding of auxiliary transformer t2. Due to quick-circuit isn't any voltage at the strength circuit. By way of voltage on pin four we can pressure most pulse-width on the io1 output. Zero voltage manner the highest pulse-width. 5v means that pulse disappear.

Anyone pushes the electricity button on pc. Motherboard common sense put to floor input pin playstation-on. Transistor q10 closes and next q1 closes. Capacitor c15 begins his charging through r15 and on the pin 4 ic1 starts lower voltage to 0 way to r17. Because of this voltage is most pulse-width continuosly accelerated and primary electricity supply easily is going run.

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