Honeywell Line Voltage Thermostat Wiring Diagram

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Newest Honeywell Line Voltage Thermostat Wiring Diagram Wiring - Installing Double-Pole Line-Voltage Thermostat - Home

Newest Honeywell Line Voltage Thermostat Wiring Diagram Wiring - Installing Double-Pole Line-Voltage Thermostat - Home

Wiring - Installing double-pole line-voltage thermostat - Home - New thermostat: the new one is aube th115 and is pictured in addition below. Wiring manual suggests the use of four separate wires to connect it, however one of the connecting alternatives i tried failed to show the heater and fan on, even though the thermostat was powered. I'm wondering what is the appropriate wiring in my case and specially whether l1 and l2 wires want to be connected to the identical incoming hot wire. Present setup: the old thermostat version is 859m and it is wiring is pictured under. There's 2 pairs of cables coming out of the wall, of them with 3 wires every (red, black, white) and another pair with 2 wires each (black and white). All white wires are screwed together, black wires pictured on the top are hot (i am assuming those come from the breaker panel). Thermostat has a true off setting. When it's miles on (on the lowest temp) there is power on one of the black wires popping out of it, which seems to deliver strength to a fan in the room (on account that there may be also electricity on the fan at that factor). Whilst thermostat is dialed further above room temperature there is additionally strength on the alternative black twine popping out of it, and at that factor pump is operating in the basement offering hot water to the tubes going through the fan within the room. This site makes use of cookies to deliver our offerings and to reveal you relevant commercials and activity listings. By means of the usage of our site, you renowned that you have read and apprehend our cookie policy, privateness coverage, and our terms of carrier. Your use of stack overflow’s products and services, which includes the stack overflow community, is problem to these guidelines and phrases. Your current setup depended on the way double pole 240v thermostats work -- one leg is an on/off (disconnect) feature, while the alternative leg is thermostatically controlled. This is fine for strolling electric powered resistance heaters, and additionally within the case of a mechanical thermostat abusable for what the original installer did to govern the lovers on/off and pump thermostatically.

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