Gy6 Stator Wiring Diagram

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Nice Gy6 Stator Wiring Diagram Gy6 Magneto Wiring Schematic - Wiring Diagram •

Nice Gy6 Stator Wiring Diagram Gy6 Magneto Wiring Schematic - Wiring Diagram •

Nice gy6 stator wiring diagram - That is the most helpful diagram i’ve visible on this subject matter. I have an 08 metro and threw a rod, so i ordered a a hundred and fifty cc long from t-motorsports (awful corporation for aid) and i fabricated my motor mount and shock extender. I have the motor installed and questioned if it is possible to take the wires coming from the engine (they go to the stator) and splice them into the prevailing electronics from honda. Every other phrases, do i need to use the cdi, rectifier, ect that got here with the motor. It appear it might be easier to apply the honda wiring and just splice the stator wires with it. Then run a warm wire for the solenoid and join the yellow and inexperienced wires from the solenoid to the starter relay. Each person realize if this sounds possible?. This gy6 switch wiring diagram changed into created via jdotfite on tr. The twine manual capabilities an eleven pole stator and five wire cdi, but it have to be useful at some point of any gy6 swap. Click for full size.

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One tip: find out in case your automobile is called some thing else in different nations. As an instance, the ruckus is called the zoomer in japan. Which means i will seek the internet for zoomer and locate all sorts of stuff that doesn’t show up after i search for ruckus. Try that. Update: i have disabled comments on this put up. Prevent asking me for wiring diagrams for scooters. I don’t make wiring diagrams, i only have one scooter, i don’t care what kind of scooter you've got, and that i don’t care what wiring diagram you need (except it’s the only under for a ruckus).

Hello justin i have a 2012 jonway i used to be driving it sooner or later i placed a new battery changed my stator fly wheel spark plug and coil cord it cranks over but no spark it’s it doesn’t seam like it’s getting a firing signal to the cdi for spark so i tryed every other cdi and still the identical any concept please assist thanks.

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