Ge Ballast Wiring Diagram

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Top Ge Ballast Wiring Diagram Diagram Peculiar Problem With T12 Ballasts For Ballast Wiring T8

Top Ge Ballast Wiring Diagram Diagram Peculiar Problem With T12 Ballasts For Ballast Wiring T8

Ge ballast wiring diagram - Note how each the red and blue wires visit one lamp. ?the yellow wires are, for loss of a higher description, are "shared"  so pin 1 of lamp 1 and pin 1 of lamp 2 cross one yellow twine. ?pin 2 of lamp 1 and pin 2 of lamp 2 go to the other yellow twine. ?is that this how you've got it wired?.

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2) from the left facet, there is one pink, one blue and one yellow twine that are not meditated in the diagram under. ?i've indeed related the two blue on the proper aspect of the ballast with the two blue on the proper facet of the lamp in addition to the two pink with the 2 pink. ?the 2 yellow i had at first connected to the single yellow at the left. ?however then, what to do with the more purple and blue of that same left-hand trio? ?i initially bundled the extra left-hand pink with the 4 red on the proper-hand aspect, and the same with the greater blue, however this did now not work.

I bought a ge proline ballast replacement for a lamp flourescent fixture, forty eight" each lamp. ?the old ballast had two blue and two red wires on the right, and at the left side: a black, a white, one purple, one blue and one yellow. ?the black connects to a red electricity wire inside the ceiling, the white to the whtie neutral, and the unmarried purple, blue and yellow wires all related to matching wires on the fixture to the left. ?the 2 blues and reds at the proper related to matching fixture wires at the right. ?the brand new ballast bought at domestic depot as recommended via the worker has just one black and one white exiting the left facet, and two blues, two reds and yellows from the proper. ?"comply with the colore-coded wiring diagram" become the recommendation, but after connecting all like shades on the new ballast to the fixture, all i were given became a behind schedule, dim mild at the bottom of every fluorescent bulb. ?i believe the wiring isn't as easy as defined. ?so, how to cord the brand new ballast to my fixture so it really works? ?don't need to call an electrician as it  will value me greater than a trendy fixture. ?thanks earlier for any assist on a way to wire correctly.

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